Nuala Ronan

Co-founder and co-proprietor of Evolv Health & Wellbeing Store, Nuala Ronan, is an Intuitive, Spiritual Counsellor, Teacher of the ‘Re-Invent Yourself’ course, and creator of ‘The Truth Session’. She is also a channel of the Divine higher consciousness energy which is named ‘Shiva’

Nuala’s work has developed and evolved over the past twenty years. It has now been condensed into a three-hour workshop entitled ‘The Truth Session’, where people are invited to come on a journey of self-discovery ,self-realisation and self-empowerment.

Nuala Ronan

Nuala Ronan

This session is for truth seekers and those who are ready to embark on a spiritual quest. Nuala believes we are the creators of our own reality and that our life is a mirror of our beliefs. Because some of these beliefs are unconscious and unseen, we often feel that life is throwing the worst possible outcome and circumstances in our way. This makes us feel powerless and we often struggle to understand why certain things will simply not come through for us.

We feel a victim of our circumstances and we sometimes feel that in certain areas of our life, we have no success no matter how hard we try, while in other areas we are very successful without having to try at all – we scratch our heads and wonder why!

Nuala believes that the unconscious mind has strong and solid beliefs which often determine the outcome of our career, relationships, finances, spirituality, creativity and general happiness in our lives.

In this three-hour session, Nuala brings you to a place of understanding by channelling the correct process for you to bypass the logic mind and work purely through the divine mind to reveal to you all your negative beliefs that are creating the reality that is causing you unhappiness and frustration.

Not only will you discover your unconscious negative beliefs, but you will also discover the life you know you are destined to live rather than the life you think you should live. This is exciting, exhilarating and incredibly empowering.

Nuala describes the experience as ‘walking into the session as one person, and walking out of the session as another.’

When you leave the session, you will have with you a blueprint for your new life and a plan of action and a real understanding of how your mind creates your reality.

Nuala gives you the tools to work with and helps you to change your life and reach your highest potential. Every person has a different purpose, and a different agenda. ‘The Truth Session’ works on your individual purpose and agenda , and that is what makes this session so important, because it is tailor-made for you.


Are you ready to have a magnificent life?

You can make an appointment with Nuala by phone at 053 923 6009, or email at

Fee: €150 (3 hrs)

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