Quinton Hypertonic – The natural goodness of sea water minerals

Quinton Hypertonic is a natural nutritional supplement based how sea water contains the same minerals as our blood.

It is made from pure, mineral-rich sea water that is harvested from a pristine plankton bloom in an internationally protected part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Quinton Hypertonic contains all the minerals, trace elements and micronutrients that your cells require in organic, bioavailable form. It delivers them at three times the mineral concentration of your blood and extra-cellular fluid.

Quinton Hypertonic is manufactured by Cell Nutrition, based in Galway here in Ireland. It provides your body with a rapid re-mineralisation that people find very energising.

It is the ideal support before, during and after any type of physical exercise. Others can use it too, for a feeling of general all-round wellness.

Cell Nutrition Quinton Hypertonic – Important Details

  • Ingredients: 100% mineral-rich sea water
  • Without preservatives, without sweeteners, without sugars.
  • Keep out of the reach of young children.
  • This product is to be used as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Maximum daily intake: 6 vials.
  • Do not exceed recommended dietary allowance (RDA)

Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic Composition

Aluminium Al 61 ppb Manganese Mn 101 ppb
Antimony Sb 0.15 ppb Mercury Hg ND
Arsenic As 24.7 ppb Molybdenum Mo 16 ppb
Sulfur S 932 ppm Neodymium Nd ND
Barium Ba 4.4 ppb Niobium Nb 0,07 ppb
Beryllium Be ND Nickel Ni 53.3 ppb
Bismuth Bi ND Gold Au ND
Boron B 6 ppm Osmium Os 0.16 ppb
Bromine Br 71 ppm Palladium Pd 13 ppb
Cadmium Cd 0.32 ppb Silver Ag* 1.31 ppb
Calcium Ca 402 ppm Platinum Pt* ND
Cerium Ce ND Lead Pb 0.77 ppb
Cesium Cs 0.327 ppb Potassium K 392 ppm
Zirconium Zr 0,44 ppb Praseodymium Pr ND
Cobalt Co 1,4 ppb Rhenium Re ND
Copper Cu 13.8 ppb Rhodium Rh 0.80 ppb
Chromium Cr 3.1 ppb Rubidium Rb 115 ppb
Dysprosium Dy 0.010 ppb Ruthenium Ru ND
Erbium Er ND Samarium Sm ND
Scandium Sc ND Selenium Se 1.6 ppb
Tin Sn 1.8 ppb Silicon Si 10 ppm
Strontium Sr 9.4 ppm Sodium Na 4042 ppm
Europium Eu ND Thallium Tl 0.017 ppb
Phosphorus P 4.9 ppb Tantalum Ta 0,04 ppb
Gadolinium Gd ND Tellurium Te ND
Gallium Ga 0,40 ppb Terbium Tb ND
Germanium Ge 7.6 ppb Titanium Ti* 17 ppb
Hafnium Hf 0,07 ppb Thorium Th ND
Iron Fe 36.8 ppb Thulium Tm ND
Holmium Ho ND Uranium U 3 ppb
Indium In ND Vanadium V 29 ppb
Iridium Ir ND Tungsten W 0.36 ppb
Lanthanum La 0,023 ppb Iodine I 23 ppb
Lithium Li 184 ppb Ytterbium Yb ND
Lutetium Lu ND Yttrium Y 0.10 ppb
Magnesium Mg 1327 ppm Zinc Zn 21.7 ppb

PPB = Parts per billion
PPM = Parts per million
ND = element present, but impossible to establish exact amount as quantities are so small.

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We’re open at 2 Castle Hill, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday.

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