Nuala Ronan

Nuala Ronan is the co-founder and co-proprietor of Evolv Health & Wellbeing Store, Enniscorthy.

She is an Intuitive, Spritual Counsellor, Teacher of the ‘Re-Invent Yourself’ course, and creator of ‘The Truth Session’.

Nuala believes we are the creators of our won reality and that life is a mirror of our beliefs.

Nuala Ronan

Nuala Ronan

‘Does your life fit?’ Personal Development & Spiritual Healing workshops

Do you feel like your life ‘fits’? Or do you feel you are not reaching your full potential? Try this new personal development and spiritual healing session with Nuala Ronan.

It is an opportunity to discover, investigate, and explore your life. You can get to know who you truly are, and remove the obstacles stopping you from creating the life deserve now!

Nuala offers ‘Does your life fit?’ as either a one-to-one session (duration three hours, cost €150) or a one-day group workshop (cost €100).

To book a session or enquire about a workshop, simply call in store, call (053) 923 6009, or e-mail

Please note a booking deposit is required.

Magnetic Energy Field Reading

Nuala sees the Human Magnetic Energy Field as a perfect geometrical shape. As he studies you in this session, she proceeds to draw it, and then analyses it for you.

In the analysis, you can see where you could have held stress or trauma, and where it could be blocking you from succeeding or thriving in your life. It can reveal both physical and mental blocks. It can also tell:

  • How much energy you have.
  • How sensitive you are.
  • How your creativity or intellectual abilities may have been blocked by past experiences, that have left strong imprints on your field.

Magnetic Energy Field Readings cost €75 and can be booked by appointment. Call in store, call (053) 923 6009, or e-mail


Personal Channelling Sessions

Nuala is a channel of the Shiva consciousness, which is a divine aspect of God.

This session is a direct communication and instruction from the higher consciousness. It is often used for a deeper understanding of your own spiritual journey to awakening.

You, the client, can ask questions and indeed it is preferred that the client comes along with the issues in mind that they seek guidance on. These sessions are often used as a follow-up to Nuala’s other work.

Personal Channelling Sessions cost €75 and can be booked by appointment. Call in store, call (053) 923 6009, or e-mail