Shiva Speaks Volume 2 by Nuala Ronan


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Nuala Ronan is an author, and artist with a lifelong commitment
to spirituality. Her connection to nature influences how she views life
and this is evident from both her painting and photography.
Always seeing beyond the surface of the image to the possibilities hovering
on the edge of our awareness…. She reaches out to the realm beyond
our vision, and draws into our view, possibilities which this modern world would have us believe, do not exist.

In this second volume of Shiva Speaks we are again drawn forward in
our consciousness towards an understanding of the profound, towards
a connection with aspects of ourselves we encounter when in the presence
of mountains, music or art. This is the realm which Nuala draws us into
with her book and where we can gain a different understandingof the mystery, of this thing, we call life.

‘The truth is simple but may not be easy.
When the truth is seen, the path is clear.
To all of you that seek the truth
may you realize that the path to freedomis in your grasp.’