Shiva Speaks Volume 1 by Nuala Ronan


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Nuala Ronan is the co-founder and co-proprietor of Evolv Health & Wellbeing Store, Enniscorthy.

She is an Intuitive, Spritual Counsellor, Teacher of the ‘Re-Invent Yourself’ course, and creator of ‘The Truth Session’.

Nuala believes we are the creators of our won reality and that life is a mirror of our beliefs.

There is only one rule. be true to your Divine Self.

The Unhealed is the Unforgiven.

The world you live in reflects back to you.

Pain is memory.

Deep in the core of your being, you know love is freedom.

These are quotes from this wonderful book of  Shiva’s  channelled messages that will leave you feeling inspired and healed. The main theme that runs throughout these channellings is that “you are a divine being” and that you are mush more than what you think you are, and indeed thinking can be what your problem is! This book is full of good news, practical and easy to understand and giving you a profound knowledge of how the ego mind works.