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Every woman at some stage in her life experiences vaginal dryness which can be for a variety of reasons. But there’s no reason to let that impede your love life. Sylk is the natural answer.

Sylk is derived from an extract of the kiwi fruit vine and contains no harsh chemicals making it extremely gentle and non-irritating. Sylk is free from parabens, drugs, hormones and animal products and is safe for use with tampons and condoms. All ingredients are 100% natural or where natural ingredients are not commercially available nature identical ingredients are used. Nature identical ingredients are identical in every respect with the natural product and their properties cannot be differentiated from the natural ingredient. Sylk is deliberately not flavoured or coloured to avoid allergies and has a pH the same as your skin. It is water based, greaseless, non-sticky and doesn’t stain. It is the perfect substitute for the body’s natural lubricating system making intimacy more comfortable and enjoyable