Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Gold 60 capsules


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– 9 plant based enzymes 
– Breaks down protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre
– 100% plant based enzymes
– Activity measured in FCC

Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Gold contains 9 plant based enzyme strains to support the break down of food. Our enzymes are expressed in guaranteed FCC units of activity. This is internationally recognised as the most accurate method to express levels of enzyme potency.

Did you know? Digestive Enzyme Gold is Non GMO, Gluten and Dairy Free and suitable for vegetarians.


Alpha-amylase –  41.7mg (5000 DU)
Protease 3.0 – 40mg (80 SAP)
Protease 4.5 – 37.5mg (30000 HUT)
Lactase – 37.5mg (3000 ALU)
Alpha-galactosidase – 30.7mg (400 GalU)
Protease 6.0 – 20mg (10000 HUT)
Stem bromelain – 16.7mg (500000 PU)
Lipase – 14.4mg (1500 LU)
Cellulase – 4mg (275 CU)

Capsule shell: hypromellose.

Recommended use:

1 capsule before meals. For heavy meals consume an additional capsule during the meal.