D3 Max 3000iu Oral Spray


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One Nutrition D3-Max 3000iu Oral Spray is a natural plant-based vitamin D3 spray designed to support the immune system, bone health and muscle function.

  • Natural orange flavour
  • 6 sprays delivers 100mcg of vitamin D3; 180 sprays per bottle
  • Plant-based oral spray suitable for vegans & vegetarians

D3-Max is based on a unique lichen extract, making it one of the few vegan choices of this essential daily vitamin. Known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D3 is made by the skin through a reaction with sunlight. This makes it especially important in northern latitudes with less sunlight.

A simple and tasty way to top up your vitamin D3 levels, D3-Max is best taken under the tongue so the D3 is quickly and effectively absorbed into your bloodstream.