Feel Supreme Shilajit 60 caps


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Shilajit is a natural substance that forms over many centuries by the action of micro-organisms on certain plants, and while it has long been used by the Ayurvedic healers of the east it is now being recognised by western scientists as an extremely potent dietary supplement with properties that aid cognitive function as well as stamina and physical performance. Add to this the fact that it is packed full of antioxidants which greatly help reduce the wear and tear of life in general on the body and you have an extremely well-rounded supplement.

Primarily composed of Fulvic Acid and other humic substances, Shilajit also contains trace amounts of iron, nickel, copper, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, selenium, and strontium – so long and short of it; this is a full spectrum supplement when it comes to essential minerals. In fact, if you are looking to get as much of the good stuff from the periodic table of the elements into your daily routine, you’d be hard pressed to find another supplement this comprehensive.

Each bottle contains 60 x 400mg Capsules and is suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans.