Red Yeast Rice 600mg Extended Release 30’s


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  • FOR YOUR GENERAL WELL-BEING: Our Red Yeast Rice extract is uniformly standardised to provide the full range of active constituents naturally occurring in red yeast rice Each Herbal Actives formula is scientifically standardized to the highest level of active principles
  • MAXIMUM POTENCY: Each tablet is a revolutionary, extended-release system that provides rapid and sustained results. Providing the greatest concentration of active botanical principles, Herbal Actives Red Yeast Rice maximizes the synergistic benefits of the whole extract
  • WITH HERBASHIELD: An exclusive purity and safety system including a light-resistant bottle, airtight inner seal, moisture-absorbing packet, tamper-evident safety cap and tamper-proof full bottle seal.
  • PURITY: Gluten free and free from the common allergens wheat, corn, soya and dairy, and free from artificial colours and preservatives.
  • QUALITY MANUFACTURING: Our state of the art manufacturing facilities maintain adherence to superior standards and are FDA and NSF registered. All Natures Plus products are crafted with only safe, high-quality natural ingredients.