Matt’s Formula Turmeric Extra Strength 60’s


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In formulating this product I wished to deliver a fast acting, high quality Turmeric product with all of the benefits we expect at an affordable price.
UltraSol Curcumin, the sole ingredient, delivers the full spectrum of the Curcuminoids we find in a normal Turmeric Powder. This is a large part of what makes this herb so wonderfully effective.

The usual difficulty in absorbing Turmeric is solved with a specific and patented technology which makes this Curcumin over 30 times more absorbable even than a normal Curcumin powder.!
Also, it has a long-lasting action – meaning that it does not need to be taken often during the day to maintain the benefits.

The longer term benefits are also remarkable and following a month or two on the product many niggly aches and pains seem to fall away ! Sports people who heavily stress their joints on long runs or training sessions have also noticed that by taking a couple of capsules before the session, that the usual inflammatory soreness can be greatly reduced.