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Dive into the purity of nature and witness the magic unfold as we carefully craft each grain of salt, capturing the essence of the sea.
Each batch of Wexford Sea Salt is carefully harvested by hand, allowing us to capture the purest essence of the sea. Our process begins with the pristine waters of the Irish Sea, where we carefully collect seawater and gently evaporate it under the warm sun. What remains is a delicate treasure trove of salt crystals, brimming with flavor and rich in minerals.

At Wexford Sea Salt, create delicious Irish sea salt by using ancient techniques and fully renewable energy. Read more about our process and why we do it.

Preserving Our Coastal Ecosystem

We prioritise eco-friendly practices across our operations:

  • Hand-collected seawater is transported to our production site.
  • Filtered seawater flows through a sequence of evaporative ponds.
  • Salt brines crystallize in the final ponds.
  • Harvested salt is dried under the sun and packed for delivery.

Our product undergoes rigorous screening and analysis to meet stringent food quality and safety standards set by the Environmental Health Office.

1,008 Hours of Sunshine in Every Crystal

Our hand-harvested, unrefined salt is dried naturally under the sun and wind, preserving the ocean’s moisture and essential trace elements.

Renowned for its quality and taste, Wexford Sea Salt elevates dishes, from simple salads to gourmet creations.

Experience the unmatched goodness of our mineral-rich salt in your cooking today!